Outdated website and app building approaches leave you stuck with the same costly, static website and app for years. MeshApp’s proprietary technology quickly creates apps and websites that start with your content and build around it. Each audience and user can have a tailored content experience!

The MeshApp Advantages:

  • Simple to Use – MeshApp is a no-code platform, so you don’t need to be a developer to create killer sites and apps.
  • Rapidly Deployable – MeshApp accelerates your innovation and time-to-market by eliminating months of planning to build a new website and app. Once your content is indexed on MeshApp’s cloud platform new digital touch points can be deployed within minutes!
  • Hyper Dynamic – MeshApp eliminates rigid site architecture, empowering you to constantly rearrange the content experience as you manage your content and audiences to meet your needs. Have one site with a single stream or multiple sites and apps, all from simply reconfiguring the content publishing options in minutes.
  • Fully Integrative – MeshApp sits at the middle of your tech solutions! Pull in your content from your CMS, social networks, or elsewhere on the web. Pull in your user data from your CRM or other sources. Add your marketing stack to see better content results.
  • Easy Migration and Backup – Use the power of the MeshApp Cloud to easily migrate your content to another CMS or backup option of your choice!
  • Modular – Mix and match from MeshApp’s powerful components to create the right content experience for your users. Feeds, social amplification tools, power filters, and gated content settings are just some of the tools at your disposal.
  • Engaging – MeshApp empowers content with generated layers of metadata. Target your content to your right audience via audience profiles and smarter end-user metadata matching.
  • Beautiful – MeshApp templates change in a snap in order to make your content look great! Say goodbye to cluttered menu options with content-centered design that assures each user sees only the menus and content they need.
  • Knowledgeable – If you don’t have all the answers for what your brand wants to accomplish with its content and online presence, that’s OK! Our MeshAppgency consulting division can work with you to uncover the right strategy and solutions!

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