The problems we solve


You needed an innovative website and app yesterday. What you’ve got now feels outdated, inferior, embarrassing. You need something that enhances your reputation. You need something that showcases your content and brand.

You need to quickly put out websites and apps, testable versions for different audiences, all adjustable on the fly.

But where do you even begin?

Maybe the last time was overwhelming. It took ages to plan and cost a fortune.

Or maybe you felt so pressured you put out something very basic, promising to make time later to fix it.

You are already having nightmares about the process. You can’t spend precious time constantly worrying about your technology, tackling coding and complex integrations, relying too much on IT support, only to find out the new site and app you thought you were getting doesn’t work like you want. Now you feel like you’re stuck with it.

You just want to get back to doing what you do well – strategies to reach and grow your target audiences, providing real value with great content, and building your business.

MeshApp solves all of these problems at once!


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